Berberine with Ceylon Cinnamon Gummies — Sugar-free, 98% Pure & 10x Absorption — 1200mg Organic Berberine Supplement for Weight Loss, Immunity, Cardiac, Metabolic & Digestive Health (30 Days)

Price: $20.99
(as of Jun 06, 2024 19:48:46 UTC – Details)

【METABOLIC MASTER SWITCH】— One of the main actions of our pure Berberine hcl 1200mg supplement is to activate an enzyme inside cells called metabolic master switch (AMPK). This enzyme plays a key role in energy metabolism on both cellular and whole-body level.
【WHY BERBERINE PLUS CEYLON CINNAMON】— The reasoning behind this merge of 1200mg Liposomal Berberine and 200mg organic Ceylon Cinnamon is that both share the same benefits for healthy insulin and blood lipid levels.
【WEIGHT MANAGEMENT AID】— This Berberine organic supplement definitely does assist in weight and body fat management by inhibiting the enzyme lipoprotein lipase (responsible for an increase in fat storage). P.S. Berberine’s effects on weight may vary among individuals.
【GUMMIES OVER PILLS & CAPSULES】— World’s first Sugar-free Berberine Plus gummies offer better absorption, an Apple Candy taste, and no side effects unlike large Berberine capsules & pills that are hard to swallow; cause a bad aftertaste, stomach cramps, and skin irritations.
【CARDIOVASCULAR and GASTROINTESTINAL CARE】— When it comes to Berberine and heart health, it provides excellent cholesterol care and other heart-healthy measures. It is also quite effective against the majority of common gastrointestinal infections
【HIGH PURITY】— This Berberine plus Ceylon Cinnamon does contain an unmatched 98% purity and elevated bioavailability made possible by an aqueous extraction
【NO COMPROMISE ON QUALITY】— VIDAVITE products are made in the USA in a registered, GMP-certified, and NSF-approved state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. No Gluten, Wheat, Dairy, Yeast, Milk, Lactose, Soy, Preservatives, Artificial Colors, Fillers, Binders, or Flavoring to ensure that you are getting a high-quality Berberine+ supplement (1400mg) . Moreover, each batch is examined for quality and purity through a third-party independent laboratory

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